Sketchmas 2015

Winter 2015

The Sketchmas 2015 show captured and artist's process by giving 50 artists a sketchbook to fill and showcase thought out the month of December. A total of 2000+ original were showcased, making Pilsen Outpost's biggest show of the year.


Hearts & Minds 2015

Fall 2015

The Hearts & Minds project features 47 original works made specifically for exhibit and for street display by 25 artists in collaboration with Attitude 7. The exhibit at the arts center showcases 25 original pieces by each artist. The other 22 collaborative works are street pieces that have been installed in locations throughout the city of Chicago over the last 4 months.


Reporting Back Project

Spring-Summer 2015

The Reporting Back project was a three month collaboration between the Illustrated Press and Attitude 7. The goal was to explore the real reasons behind crime through the voices of those that have experienced it, eight Humboldt Park residents of which were designed by Attitude 7. Portraits were for exhibit at a local business and Columbia College. 



Spring 2015

The Re<New> all show was a continuation of the show Displace Recreate from the previous year,



<Dis>place <Re>create                     September 2014

<dis>place <re>create was a group show presented by Voice of the City for A Day in Avondale festival on September 27th, 2014. This art exhibition explored the topics of house/home, displacement and gentrification through the work of six Logan Square artists.