<Dis>Place <Re>Create

September 2014

<dis>place <re>create was a group show presented by Voice of the City for A Day in Avondale festival on September 27th, 2014. This art exhibition explored the topics of house/home, displacement and gentrification through the work of six Logan Square artists.

• Attitude7 - illustrations and Gentrified Campaign
• Aaron Laughlin - pen & ink drawings
• Nando Espinosa Herrera - video installation
• Aga Furtak - surreal photography installation
• Peaceflow artistry - street art paintings
• Amie Sell - re-installation of Home Sweet Home (which was removed from Milwaukee Avenue arts Festival earlier this summer)

“Artists have often been blamed for their impact on the gentrification of neighborhoods, but the phenomenon is much more complicated and nuanced. My intentions are to shift the local conversation that has been happening (for years) in to a more thoughtful process where we start to envision housing as homes, and our further the vision of our community as collection of homes and home-grown businesses.” – Amie Sell (curator & artist)